Wake up

After hearing it morning after morning after morning, your old alarm will start to sound horrible, and be associated with waking up. No one wants that. That’s why Budzillo not only gives you something new every morning, but gives you a reason to be excited to open your eyes. Whether it’s a new song from your favorite artist, or your friends pulling an early morning prank, every morning is a new experience. Just, maybe, consider before tagging “drill sergeant.”


Getting info and news on your favorite subjects is as easy as searching our tag cloud and picking a time. It’s your alarm, in style. Interested in the latest fashion news? Your alarm can be customized for the latest offerings from the fashion world. Interested in sports? Get the highlights from yesterday’s games delivered straight to your phone. Interested in a good morning laugh? And morning comedians will do their job. If you’re interested in it, it’s what you’re waking up to.

Creating content

Budzillo is content driven, which means that the best content rises to the top! Budzillo is more than just a video recorder, it’s a multimedia instrument - an app that allows you to record creative videos through a process of performance. You can enhance your performance with real time video and audio elements to create a truly unique experience that has never before been possible. This is your drum machine meets Salvador Dali.


If you’re looking to make a splash online, this is newest, and hottest way to do it. Your content is streamed straight to any phone that has Budzillo. All they have to do it select a tag, and your content is there. When your material gets liked, Budzillo lets you know, so you can tailor your next video to the tastes of your fans. Gaining an audience, and engaging with them, has never been easier.

A Social Network of Video Alarms